A Little Behind on My Blog Reader…New Java OptimizationTool from IBM

IBM Real Time Application Execution Optimizer for Java

IBM Real Time Application Execution Optimizer for Java helps to optimize and verify a compiled Java application, preparing the application for deployment in specific environments. It is a command line tool that can operate on any compiled Java application, whether standard edition, micro-edition, or real-time. The tool provides the following functions:

  • Escape analysis of objects per method invocation
  • Control flow analysis that splits an application into archives according to thread accessibility
  • Control flow analysis that detects potental occurrences of real-time java runtime errors MemoryAccessError, IllegalAssignmentError, IllegalThreadStateException
  • Control flow analysis that determines entry points into an application
  • Addition of stackmaps to Java class files
  • Verification of Java class files
  • Auto-generation of classes that will load and initialize all other classes within the same archive
  • Specialized packaging of Java applications into deployable archives by packaging all referenced classes from a dual class path
  • Removal of unwanted attributes from Java class files

Please note this was taken directly from the IBM source…just wanted to capture notes and share the info!


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