Cary Millsap from Method-R Came to Town in November

From my internal blog: Last changed: Nov 06, 2008 11:01 by Stephen Feldman

For the last few weeks I’ve been planning a training visit from one of my favorite authors and an Oracle resident performance expert named Cary Millsap. If you are an avid reader of my blog, there’s a solid chance that you have read about Cary and/or his former company Hotsos. Cary is coming on-site for about 2 and 1/2 days to work with our team on some of our Oracle performance challenges. I wanted to use this blog to cover the agenda, as well as go into a few details about our objectives of the engagement. Because of the R9 schedule, the team will have limited interactions with Cary. I will cover that in full detail below.

Cary is on-site Tuesday through part of Thursday. Most likely David Zhang, Patrick Kee and I will be working most directly with Cary. I’ve asked him to do an afternoon session with the North American team, which we will record and I will also ask him to do some hands on benchmarking with the team on Wednesday.

There were 4 core topics that I had asked Cary to cover with the group.

  • Introduction to Method-R: How to make practical use of Method-R with the data we have
  • Oracle Wait Events, 10046 Tracing and the P5 Profiler
    • Sub-Topic: Other Tools to Use Besides P5 for reading 10046 traces (TKPROF or Other Tools)
  • Lightweight Tools for Instrumenting Oracle Performance
  • Treating Every SQL Statement Like a User Transaction

Besides these 4 topics, there are other aspects to our agenda that I would like to cover:

  • Introduce Cary to our Performance Engineering Practice
    • SPE Overview
    • SPT Overview
      • How We Benchmark: Calibration, Abandonment and PARs
      • The Role of Our Data Model
      • How We Instrument and Measure
        • Tools in the Lab
        • Galileo
  • Review the Bb Architecture
    • Take a spin of the application
    • Review the components of the architecture: Application Layer and then Database Layer
  • Review the Performance Lab Deployment Architecture
    • How we configure Oracle
      • Our Base Configuration and Initialization Parameters
      • Physical and Logical Architecture
  • Execute Multiple Benchmarks
    • Benchmark 1: PVT Scaling Exercise
      • Goal: Instrument and Determine CLP-Datagen Data Inefficiencies
    • Benchmark 2: EDB Calibration Exercise
      • Goal: Use Method-R to determine where to focus our optimization efforts
      • Goal: Lightweight instrumentation prior to profiling (Digging for the right information)
      • Goal: End-to-End profiling (Most likely a focus on Oracle Profiling)
  • Open Question Time with Cary about Oracle Performance

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