Fiddlerhook for Firefox 3

Last changed: Apr 06, 2009 12:08

I might be a little late in publishing this note. I recently upgraded to Firefox 3 this week after getting my new desktop. I’ve been patiently waiting for an upgrade and finally got one on Friday after my desktop of 4 years finally crapped out on me. I’ve been setting up my development environment somewhat frantically trying to get the latest and greatest of everything.

I did my Firefox upgrade to FF3 this morning. I did a YSlow install, as well as a Fiddler2 install independently. After rebooting Firefox to recognize YSlow, low and behold an integration between Fiddler and Firefox was automatically installed. The new integration is called Fiddlerhook. It’s been out since 3/31/09. What’s great is you can easily toggle Fiddler capturing via Firefox on via the Tools menu or the icon below.

Happy Fiddling!!!


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