Sun’s Amber Road Storage Offering

I will be brief in the blog. For my own memory purposes, I want to remind myself that I am literally posting this minutes after the Steelers beat the Cardinals in the Super Bowl. Sadly, I’m quite annoyed that they pulled the game out. My week is going to packed with practically no time to blog, so here it is…

On Friday afternoon I met with our local sales team from Sun to go over the Amber Road Storage offering. The storage offering is interesting in that they are basically making the software components of storage Open Source. What you are paying for is an appliance based on Solid State Disks that then offload data asynchronously to cheaper SAS/FC/SCSI disks. The storage offering is based on ZFS, but can act as an NFS, ISCSI and eventually Fiber Channel.

One interesting outcome from the meeting was finding out that we could possibly add a hardware component to our Thumper unit. We would then front the Thumper with a 7000 series or any of the other 7XXX series from Sun. This is great news because our Thumper has pretty much been idle for months now.


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