What a Crazy..Wacky Day

From my internal blog: Last changed: Nov 18, 2008 22:18 by Stephen Feldman

You can’t tell from this blog, but I am smiling like a big, old Cheshire cat. I’m smiling because after many…many months my favorite author (and speaker), Malcolm Gladwell released his latest book called Outliers: The Store of Success. Although I pre-ordered a copy from Amazon (scheduled to arrive next week..ugh), I decided to go to my local Barnes and Noble to get a copy to start reading tonight. What’s crazy is how I felt like a high school kid again waiting in line to buy tickets for a concert. Granted there was no line for the book. I actually reserved a copy at 7pm tonight and walked in to the store at 9:50pm and was out by 9:52pm. What’s crazy is that I clutched the book in excitement much like I clutched those tickets when I was a kid. I felt 18 again…all for a book…

That’s not the only crazy thing that happened today. This afternoon Jenny called me up to tell me that Caroline (my 2-year old daughter) did something horrible at pre-school. Apparently, Caroline likes to ride this toy car during outside time. Some other 2-year old girl went up to her and asked for the bike. Caroline told her no. If you know Caroline, you know that she doesn’t necessarily have fluid conversations with people…especially other 2-year olds. My wife wrote a blog about what it’s like to talk with Caroline. So I highly doubt it was a productive conversation between Caroline and this other girl. Well anyways…after Caroline said no, the girl kept asking her for the car. So Caroline bit her until her teacher separated the two. Fortunately for the little girl, Caroline was unable to break skin. The little girl also didn’t cry, which is another fortunate thing. Nonetheless, I’ve got a kid who is a biter. I’m not sure where she has picked this up…I know my wife and I have to fix it.

What a crazy…wacky day!


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