What I Did on My Summer Vacation…Just Kidding…Day 1 at Velocity Part Two

The Fast and the Fabulous: 9 Ways Engineering and Design Come Together to Make your Site Slow

Nicole Sullivan from Yahoo gave her presentation on Object-Oriented CSS. It looks like she just launched a new site about OOCSS. She will also have an article in Layers Magazine later next month about the topic.

Her main argument is that CSS has started to grow into weeds and is very difficult to manage. She is pushing for a component library for manageability and reuse. She has (4) examples of default CSS, grids, modules and content worth looking at. As she put it, we should be separating the following:

  • Container and Content
  • Structure and Skin
  • Contour and Background
  • Objects and Mixins

Other Notes to Reference

  • Take a look at this article from alistapart.
  • Keep selectors fast: define default values and style classes (not objects)…except for defaults (globals)
  • Avoid specifying location
  • Avoid overly specific classes
  • Use mixins to avoid repeating code
  • Encapsulation: don’t access sub-nodes of objects directly
  • Outcomes: Measure your results

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