Why I Haven’t Been Posting

I want to get back to posting on my blog. It’s been many months…too many months since my last post. I’m back and planning to post as much as I can from my internal blog at work to this blog. So much has happened since my last post which for the most part has kept me away from posting. The good news is my wife and I had our second baby girl, Molly in February. She’s absolutely the cutest little girl. You put her side-by-side with my oldest daughter, Caroline and you simply have perfection. Here’s a link to my wife’s blog with some pictures of the girls.

There was also some bad news…very bad news. Just a few weeks before little Molly Rose was born, my mom passed away unexpectedly while on vacation with my dad. I think the reason I’m writing today is today would have been her birthday. My mom was too young to go and I certainly wasn’t ready for her to go. It’s been tough on me and tough on my family. I really miss my mom. I keep thinking she’ll pick up the phone when I call my parents house…but she never does.

Rest In Peace Mom…I love you and miss you!




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