Second Workshop at BbWorld 2009

Just a few hours until my second workshop titled “Ensure Optimal Performance and Scalability: Implementing a Robust and Reliable Monitoring Framework”. I’m co-presenting this with a colleague of mine from Quest Software named Bryan Wynns. I promise to have the slides posted on SlideShare fairly quickly after the presentation and before the Tuesday keynote.

Hope you all can attend. Below is a quick caption of the session…

Virtual Learning Environments have become one of the top two supported applications in an educational setting rivaling email for dominance of support and management of IT resources. Applications such as BbLearn require continuous uptime, reliable and predictable performance and the ability to scale with limited resources. This session will present a blue print for implementing a robust and reliable monitoring infrastructure for managing an enterprise learning application under competing demands. We will show you exactly what tools and processes we use in the Blackboard Performance Center of Excellence during benchmarks. In addition, we will present a series of case studies commonly experienced in live deployments that have an effect on performance and/or scalability. The format of this session is lecture-based, but will be filled with real-live demos and simulations.


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