The Kitchet Sink is Overflowing

So I would like to apologize to my few, but much appreciated readers for my nearly 2 month absence from blogging. I can promise that a new blog will be showing up regularly. I will try my best to get something posted shortly. I figured I would use this blog as a chance to clear the mind.

To say I’ve been busy is an understatement. On the personal front, my 8-month old still is not sleeping through the night. She wakes up either midnight and 5am or 2am and 6am. Either way, it’s a total downer. As much as “Little McGoo” is cute as a button, sadly I had to admit to my wife that the best part about getting to travel is the opportunity to get a full night’s sleep. The lack of sleep is wearing thin on my patience. Sadly, it’s taking a toll on my wife and my oldest daughter.

The work front is what’s truly wearing on me. I normally don’t write about my work situation. I love my job, my team and my company. I’m just a little tired from work. I’ll use the analogy “the kitchen sink is overflowing” to describe what’s going on. My company is very ambitious…I’m very ambitious as well. Sometimes juggling the volume of work, plus the personal/family side of life simply wears you down. I’ve simply got too many things going on.

What I lack these days is some me time. I’m sure my wife feels the same…she’s right in that she’s lacking the same thing. Maybe it’s the rain as of late (feels like the past 3 weeks has rained every waking moment). Or maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been slacking at working out. I’m not really sure what it is besides being a little overwhelmed.

I did have one parting story…so yesterday I went to Barnes and Noble to see if there’s any new books out there and in some ways to get some quiet time. I went to Barnes and Noble probably 8 times throughout the summer. Each time I did my normal route:

  1. Went to New Non-Fiction
  2. Strolled over to B&N Recommends
  3. Wandered over to the Computer/Software Second
  4. Next to the Economics, Management and Business Profile Racks
  5. Took the escalator up to the Books on CD
  6. Jumped around the corner to the Science/Psychology Section

For the 9th consecutive time I went home empty handed. It just feels like no good, new books are coming out. Maybe it’s me…or maybe I’ve just read them all. Regardless, the fact that I don’t have a good book to read and haven’t since last Spring is probably one of the factors affecting me. I always feel as though I have balance in my life when I make time to read.


One thought on “The Kitchet Sink is Overflowing

  1. Jeremy

    Hey Steve,

    Maybe check out the classics section? If there aren’t any good new books coming out recently, maybe there are some good old books you’ve still yet to read! Hang in there… I see what you mean about the kitchen sink.


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