Performance Testing: Putting Cloud Customers Back in the Driver’s Seat

Imad Mouline (Compuware)
9:40am Thursday, 06/24/2010
Keynotes Ballroom ABCD
Many developers wrongly assume and performance and consistency when they enlist cloud computing services from these and other major cloud providers. But the truth is, developers must do the due diligence and insist on performance guarantees from the cloud provider. At the same time, the cloud does provide unique performance advantages that can be exploited with little effort. The key for developers lies in understanding exactly why they’re using the cloud and testing performance levels from the realistic perspective of application end-users – both before and after a cloud service provider is enlisted.

Imad Mouline

Mouline is a veteran of software architecture, research and development and an expert in web application development, testing and performance management. His breadth of expertise spans cloud computing, next-generation web browsers, load testing and software as-a-service (SaaS), with a focus on best practices to ensure the delivery of great web experiences.

Notes on the Session

  • Impact of Web Performance on Page Abandonment
    • Did the users wait around, hit stop button or abandon the page?
      • As page increases by 2s, abandonment decreases by about 8%
  • Number of hosts per user transaction
    • ~8.8 different hots to make a transaction possible

Referenced a cloud sharing community web site

Called out that sharding actually could impact performance. Main point is that performance optimizations from the past need to be revisited today for validation.


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