Velocity Keynote About 3rd Party Content

Don’t Let Third Parties Slow You Down

Arvind Jain (Google), Michael Kleber (Google)
11:45am Wednesday, 06/23/2010
Keynotes Ballroom ABCD
Ads, widgets and other third-party content bring many benefits to your web pages and users. However, they often slow down your pages. We’ll share data on how page speed is affected by such content. We’ll also discuss recent work at Google to make ads as fast as possible, and what site owners and third-party content providers can do to make sure pages are not slowed down by them.

Michael is a mathematician who has spent the last ten years working on efficient algorithms in different contexts. Now he works for Google making the internet faster.

Notes on the Session

Average page load time is 4.9s. Pages are complex pulling 44+ resources from 7 domains and 320KB. A lot of what’s loaded is third party content. Calls out several widgets that really slow down performance. Google created something called the Knockout Lab to study performance/latency from 3rd party content.

  • Digg Widget: Lots of JS blocking
  • AdSense: Responsible for 12.8% of pageload time
  • Google Analytics: now offered asynchronous
  • Doubleclick: 11.5% latency

Making Google AdSense Fast by Default

  • Want to minimize the blocking of the publisher page
  • No retagging
  • Put the ad right here
  • Must run in the publisher domain

Now have working solution…

  • Make show_ads.js a tiny loader script
  • Loader creates a same domain iframe
  • Loads the rest of show_ads very quickly

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