Velocity Session on Innovation at Scale

Innovation at Scale

Cheryl Ainoa (Yahoo!)
11:55am Thursday, 06/24/2010
Keynotes Ballroom ABCD
This is presentation will be streamed live along with the other keynotes.
Yahoo! serves nearly 600 million unique users globally, reaching almost half the online global population. Achieving that level of ubiquity in people’s online lives introduces a whole new set of challenges. Scale requires optimal performance across geographic boundaries, creates mountains of data, attracts spammers and abusers, overloads commodity technology and generally just makes everything harder and more complex. To successfully operate and continuously innovate at this global scale requires robust and extensible tools.

Cheryl will review two case studies where Yahoo! was able to solve problems of scale efficiently by using tools developed by Yahoo! engineers. The first case study, will describe how Yahoo! used Hadoop to crunch massive amounts of data. With this technology, operations engineers where able to deliver a new spam fighting system within weeks. The second will describe the use of YTS to provide optimal performance at a huge scale across the globe allowing us to reach new markets.

Cheryl Ainoa

As Senior Vice President of Global Service Engineering at Yahoo!, Cheryl is leading teams to develop groundbreaking hardware and software infrastructure that supports all Yahoo! products worldwide, managing over 800 employees and influencing over 6,000 engineers in the Product organization. Cheryl actively focuses on creating a global Service Engineering organization that provides scalable, technologically-sound solutions that are cost effective and maintain a positive end user experience. Within a short time through focusing on metric creation and analysis, improved processes and solutions, Cheryl has improved the user experience by significantly reducing the number of Service Engineering incidents.

During her six years at Yahoo!, Cheryl Ainoa has directed the technology and infrastructure backbone for Yahoo! global products and services, while simultaneously demonstrating tremendous leadership and a passion for innovation. She is a big picture technologist who successfully maintains existing products, while focusing on a vision for the future. During her tenure as Vice President of Global Media Engineering, she developed the next generation media products for the world’s largest audiences. Her teams managed technology for Yahoo!’s industry-leading Finance, Games, News, Music, Sports, Movies, Video, and over 20 property sites, reaching over 70 million people monthly.

Notes on Session

  • Complexity of Technology
    • Managing simultaneous roll-outs
    • Load testing massive traffic
    • Commodity software doesn’t meet needs
  • Fighting SPAM with HADOOP
    • Over 20M emails/day from Taiwan using Y! Groups
      • Only 18M internet users in Taiwan
    • Used Hadoop to parallelize processing of large data sets to find indicators of “Spamy” groups
    • Were able to drop down to less then 7M mails a day

Need to research YCPI to eliminate TCP Slow Start


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