Getting More Out of LoadRunner

Internal Blog from August 2010…

Maybe I’m getting antsy with SOASTA or maybe I’m just generally frustrated with how little we get out of LoadRunner. I’m not really sure. What I do know is that all morning long I’ve been thinking about pulling my investment out of SOASTA and putting it somewhere else. The somewhere else is probably in licenses of Dynatrace…but maybe even back into more LoadRunner.

Nonetheless, I’m generally frustrated with LoadRunner. I need to do something about it. I’ve started by adding Shlomi Nissim, Director of HP’s Center of Excellence to my LinkedIn Network. I’ve also put in a request to Amy Feldman, part of the Product Marketing team at HP as well. Hopefully, she will figure out if we are related and accepted my request. My intention of linking to them is truly to be able to develop a relationship between Bb and HP.

I’ve got a few other things that I am planning on doing as well. First, I’ve reached out to this guy in Colorado named Piotr Trzeciak who does all of our renewals. I’ve made Piotr pretty rich over the past 3 years by doing my renewals early. Little has shown from it other than a price break here and there. So I’ve asked Piotr to talk later today with the intention of helping me figure out who’s my account manager. I want to then talk to our Account Manager on-site and figure out how we can make more of the massive investment we have already made. Years ago we purchased Performance Center, but we abandoned it almost immediately when it didn’t meet our needs at the time.

There were a number of factors that influenced us somewhat abandoning Performance Center at the time. First, we couldn’t do unattended LoadRunner tests through Performance Center. Our only hope was to treat our Performance Center controllers as though they were LoadRunner controllers. Second, Mercury was just sold to HP. The company was in major flux. They sent a consultant (actually two) to help us implement and in both cases we struggled and abandoned.

I want to solve more problems with LoadRunner. For example, I want to address some of our scripting flaws with richer interfaces. I don’t feel as though we do this particularly well on our own. I want to at least evaluate how LoadRunner is solving these problems. They claim to have better recording capabilities that deal with AJAX more efficiently. Another example is I want more out of our monitoring. This has always been a fatal flaw of our LoadRunner infrastructure. We have used the minimum. Why not implement HP Diagnostics? This is obviously something we need to learn more about. I don’t know if we get it because we have Performance Center, or is it something that we have to buy? If it’s something that we have to buy, is it really worth buying?

Last but not least, I think we need to make a trip to HP Software Universe 2011. We missed it this year and it was literally in our own backyard. To our credit, we didn’t get a single email or old fashioned letter to invite us. Who’s fault is that? Next year is Vegas right before BbWorld which is also in Vegas. I don’t think I could justify 2 trips within 8 weeks of each other. Someone else on the team could go…

LoadRunner in the Cloud

One of the lessons I’ve learned about the SOASTA experience was that I still want and need to be able to test from the cloud. Why? Two reasons…first the tests are outside our firewall. Second, we could get more VUsers. What I’ve learned is that it’s really difficult and expensive to move 7 years of load testing capabilities to the outside without paying for it.

So I want to learn more about LoadRunner in the cloud. Check out this video.



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