Mid-Morning Session at Velocity 2011

Kind of ironic that I’m at a performance and scalability conference and we cannot get a wireless connection. This happens every year!!

Mark Burgess of CFEngine…Change = Mass x Velocity, Other Laws of Infrastructure

Industry is in crisis and transition. Simple little graphic by hand. Change Management is dealing with the fear of liability. Bulk/inertia is holding us back.

Three laws of robotics:
1. Robots shouldn’t harm humans
2. They should follow orders
3. They will never harm themselves

How many sysadmins does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Too many to count. Why…because they will tear down the building only to build a new one with a lightbulb screwed in. Trying to point out how it’s important to build self-healing systems.

We don’t really handle complexity today, but rather we suppress it. We try to keep all things identical for simplicity purposes.

Make automation that’s capable of solving human problems in a reliable and repeatable manner.

Lightening Demos

YSlow Next Gen

Marcel from Yahoo demonstrating YSlow. Next generation viewer is now out. Announced a version for both Firefox and Chrome as of release 4. Kept the experience the same in Chrome. Now added social features (Tweet and Facebook integration). There’s a new feature called the ScoreMeter so they can have a plan of attack to improve performance. This is an excellent tool. It gives them a slide bar to prototype/model where to make the investment. They even show the score matrix, which is pretty awesome

Could we start scoring Bb pages in our lab? What about customer customizations?

There’s also a mobile bookmarklet to see how the score runs in a mobile web version. User experience is the same, which is not all that desirable. It’s a little unusable.

They will be announcing a HAR importer in the next release.


Single pages are interesting, but advanced pages and scripting language are the real awesome stuff. Use this for usability tests. Can do this for a full navigation path, arbitrary javascript, form variables, etc…Gave an example for buying a computer on Amazon and NewEgg site. It’s a great side-by-side example of how to compare 1 site versus another.

Note to Self: Do I want to talk about this tool during my session at BbWorld?

In the 4:55 session he will cover what’s changed…

Web Inspector Remote

Dave Johnson has a Weinrr (Phone Gap). It’s firebug for a phone via webkit). Put a little script back into your code that will communicated with a jetty server. Go into phone to initiate your browser session. Then go to server app to inspect. As you highlight in inspector, it starts to do stuff on the phone…live updates. Pretty awesome.

HTTP Archive by Steve Souders

Using the webpagetest.org data batched into HTTP archive tool for trending/stats data. Compare top 100 vs. top 1000 sites. Some interesting data to compare b/w these sites.

Project is open source and can contribute.


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