PageSpeed at Velocity

Surprisingly this team appears to be working out of Massachusetts. It’s available for Firefox, Chrome, PageSpeed Online and PageSpeed Online API. There are 3rd party integrations with WebPageTest, Gomez Recorder and WB Total Cache.


mod_pagespeed is an open-source Apache module that automatically optimizes web pages and resources on them. It does this by rewriting the resources using filters that implement web performance best practices. Webmasters and web developers can use mod_pagespeed to improve the performance of their web pages when serving content with the Apache HTTP Server.

mod_pagespeed includes several filter that optimize JavaScript, HTML and CSS stylesheets. It also includes filters for optimizing JPEG and PNG images. The filters are based on a set of best practices known to enhance web page performance. Webmasters who set up mod_pagespeed in addition to configuring proper caching and compression on their Apache distribution should expect to see an improvement in the loading time of the pages on their websites.

Looks like it only works for Apache 2.2. Hey Mesfin…let’s investigate this as part of your work this sprint. What do you think? Here’s the link to the instructions.

Google apparently wrote about this many months ago. Here’s examples of mod_PageSpeed. Here’s an example for installing on CentOS, which will be just like RHL.


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