Velocity Conference 2011 Workshop on Mobile Performance Tools

What if you could figure out your performance issues w/o dependency on other tools YSlow = MyOwnSlow.

Performance focus will be on Network, Graphics and JavaScript. Get the sense that we are still focusing on the browser

Web Inspector, Firebug, Speed Tracer, pcapperf, pagespeed, bazeIo Yslow, webpage test, webmetrics, dynatrace are all tools on the client. Not a lot of tools on the Mobile side.

Mobile Situation


  • Framerate
  • Bytes Transferred
  • Caching
  • Cookies
  • Cache manifest
  • code size
  • execution speed

How do you integrate CI into Mobile? Too many phones will kill us. Kind of a big challenge thus far. Can do it for desktop/client, but struggling for Mobile.


Inject Instrumentation –> Read the Source Code = Intrusive
Benchmark –> Proxy = Emulation
High-Speed Camera –> RF Monitor –> Remote Inspection = Observation


  • Replicate and/or analyze on desktop (Reducing Complexity)
  • Tweak and insert instrumentation (System Level)


  • Headless WebKit: PhantomJS
  • NexusOne
  • Gingerbread

Most of the browsers are based on WebKit (iOS) and V8 (Android). So you could technically figure out or build your own tool.

Network Performance

Web Inspector is one tool that can be used. Take a look at this blog for more information. Also showed the headless inspector, which is phantomJS. It’s a simple command line tool that you program a script to test a given page. It’s a webkit inspector tool without a UI.


Android: WebCore Graphics –> GraphicsContext –> Skia (graphics engine)

Notes About the Presentation

So the presenter had really clean slides. Unfortunately he’s a really poor speaker of English. He was kind of all over the place with disconnected points and slides. So I ended up doing my own research on the side. I started with a Google search on Mobile Performance tools. Low and behold, I arrived at Souder’s link. He’s got some references which are a good starting point (ie: people, blogs, articles and links).


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