Velocity Conference…what’s new in Chrome

Three items…

  • Networking
  • Gaming and Graphics
  • The Real Chrome Secret to Speed

Note…Chrome auto-updates about every 3 days.

The Network is the Problem

HTTP archive chart shows that page sizes have increased from about 450kb to about 750kb. New in Chrome 12 is WebP (Compression Capability). Lookhere for more information on image compression. Big effort on the team to minimize packet loss.

After observing a lot of packet loss, they introduced the idea of a backup socket. Overall pae time decreases by 1.9%. Do an A/B test to measure the right thing.

Also want to make SSL faster. Shipped in Chrome 10 to reduce handshake time by as much as 30% reduction.

Off Topic

Off topic point (StatCounter). 50% of market is still Windows XP.

Speed Tracer Demo

Really good profiler for the DOM. One of the only tools that can give a stack trace showing a layout to occur.

Support for Page Visibility


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