Web Performance W3C Group

So I’m at the Velocity Conference right now. It’s going great. During one of the sessions yesterday, it was mentioned that there are these 3 new recommendations to W3C under the Web Performance Group: Navigation Timing, User Timing and Resource Timing. First, I was surprised to hear that there is a formal web performance group. That was news to me. Second, I was surprised that Steve Souders ia participating member and other than a reference, that’s it at the conference. I would have expected there to be a bunch of sessions on this. Unfortunately there is and doesn’t appear to be any sessions.

According to the group page, “The mission of the Web Performance Working Group, part of the Rich Web Client Activity, is to provide methods to measure aspects of application performance of user agent features and APIs.”

I’m real curious about whether this is something that developers will need to include, or whether this is really a support requirement of the browser vendor? Will it be an injection into running requests, or something else. I’m of the suspicion that it’s something we have to embed in our code. Another question is where will the data be stored? How can we access the data? Will it be accessible in the HTTP access logs, or is this feedback to the user that we could potentially present in the browser. So many questions…no one to answer them…


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