WebPageTest…The New Bits

There is a new web interface for webpagetest.org. Over the last year, IE9 and Chrome support (including Chrome frame). It also can show “Above the Fold Time”, which makes me wonder, what do we count for Bb as “Above the Fold”?

There is also a dynaTrace AJAX integration. Run your test in webpagetest, then import into dynaTrace. I believe it’s using the HAR format for the data. It also will deal with tcpdump so that you can load the data into Wireshark.

A new feature is called WebPage replay. This is pretty interesting feature, which could be used cool for synthetic testing. Isn’t this really what the scripting capability is all about?

They have also integrated with ShowSlow and Mobitest. Basically can send beacons to ShowSlow.

You can also create private instances of the application. You can get a bulk testing capability as well. This would be interesting to see if we could get this feature for bulk testing the script functionality. We should reach out to Pat regarding the bulk feature with automated tests.

Anything you do through the UI, you can use the API to do what you would like. Wonder if we bail on Selenium and use this integrated with Galileo.

There is also a tool called WPT Monitor.

Coming Next

  • Firefox integration
  • HAR import
  • Better API support
  • Result comparison against HTTP Archive
  • Open Source Mobile Agents
  • Linux Agent Support (Firefox, Chrome)
  • UI Localization
  • “What If” Automatic Optimization: What if I actually did optimize…here’s what the site would look like.
  • AJAX UI (Better Progress Feedback)

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