Interesting Agile Project Management Software Tool

In the last two days I’ve had independent conversations about agile Project Management tools with both Nori and Bob. My first conversation was with Nori in which he demonstrated a tool he’s been using for a few weeks called Trello. The second conversation was with Bob in which he showed me a tool called Pivotal Tracker.

From what I can tell both tools have value. The Trello tool is free. It’s very free-form in what you can do from a content perspective. Trello integrates with Gmail, which is a plus and has a very cool user experience, much like a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook.

Take a look at the screen shot…It’s from Nori’s project where he compares the various systems…

From the Trello FAQ

Are you going to screw me later and make me pay for something I got hooked on?
No. You have my word that we will not give away our free service to
you as a trick and then later make you pay. First, we make good money
on our existing suite of products already, so we have no temptation to
change our minds. Also, that sort of trickery would cost us all of
the goodwill we’ve built up over the last 11 years of running this

We do eventually plan to monetize the service when we have a bazillion
users, but it won’t be by charging you for what we’re offering now.
Think freemium, or app store models…

Pivotal Tracker is not free. It’s not all that expensive, but it does cost money. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee each day you can get 10 collaborators with unlimited viewers, projects and file storage. It ends up costing $600 a year, which is not real bad.



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