Sometimes Bad Things Happen to Good People

It’s 4:30pm on Wednesday, September 19th. Perforce has been non-operational since yesterday morning. Technically, Monday it wasn’t all that operational given the issues we were seeing with Crucible. The team (Anatoliy, Nikolai, Robert S., Kohn and Robert M.) have been working around the clock for 2 days. Pretty much nobody in the list has slept in 36 hours and counting. It sucks that it has come down to this, but at the end of the day it’s been one of the best team building exercises I’ve ever been a part of. Nobody goes out of their way to find situations of adversity, but the best teams volunteer to meet it head on. Those are our dream teams!

Quick Note About Sleep

I’ve been with the team for a little over 2 months. When I first took over the group I met with each person. If they recall, I asked them the question “What do you lose sleep over at night?”…I followed-up each of their answers with “I want you to know that at the end of the day, I’m not going to lose sleep over your items. I have different items that I lose sleep over which you do not have to…”

Well let me take back that phrase. I’m losing sleep over this. I’m losing sleep over the situation of course, because it’s affecting the business. I’m losing sleep over the impact/effect to each of the people on my team. Why on the last point? Well, it comes down to this…It’s tough to see the human spirit challenged in such a way that vulnerabilities are exposed. We have vulnerabilities that deep down inside we considered as risk, but had never had to deal with the adversity of an incident like the one we are dealing with at the present moment.

Thanks to the entire DIRE team for the hard work, dedication and resilience during this epic event!


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