Good Days to Start and Stop a Sprint

So let me start off by saying I’m learning a lot about agile development practices which I’ve never paid a lot of attention to. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never gone to any Agile training. I’ve read 3 books, a handful of articles and listened to a ton of lectures or YouTube videos online. I haven’t been entirely committed to Agile. I’m not quite sure why because I know I don’t have any objections to it.

Since my role changed back in the summer and I have a couple of new teams, namely the DevOps and DBA teams, I’ve had to think a lot more about getting more productivity out of all of my teams (Performance, Security and BbLabs included). Watching Nori’s approach to distributed teams with Trello, Stephanie’s quick adoption soon after and Mike’s SCRUMs, Retrospectives and physical Trello board in the DevOps room, I have to say their activities have really opened my eyes to the benefits of adopting more Agile practices. Here’s a few observations…

  • Let’s our teams be less command and control…to being more self-managing
  • We have a place to track and reference “Unplanned Work”
  • We can call-out and jointly prioritize initiatives for the team

All of this Agile talk has got me thinking about sprints, stand-ups and agile boards. I thought back to when I was running sprints for the DevOps team while I was recruiting Mike. I had a weekly meeting, usually on Monday’s which sucked. It was my call to only meet formally with the team 1 day a week and it was usually on the first day of the week. There were a couple of problems with that Monday schedule that I never really took the time to think about changing. Monday also happened to be the day we started sprint cycles and the weekly beginning of each sprint week. We ended all of our sprints on a Friday.

We had a holiday on one of those Mondays and if I recall we had a ton of vacation days on Fridays after the company announced no carry-over going forward. It was definitely an issue from my perspective to have days we started sprints or sprint weeks, as well as days we ended sprints or sprint weeks with holidays or missing people.

So what am I getting at? I’m just throwing out the idea if we started sprints during a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, would the sprint behavior change? Would a weekend gap between sprint weeks actually be positive or negative?

Apparently I’m not the only person asking this question…


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