We’re Still At It…

Two years ago, I declared in my last blog entry that I would make “more time” for blogging and low and behold, I failed to do that. Shocker right? It makes sense that my readership dropped to practically none. I think my wife and a few folks for an Amazon Click Farm are my only loyal readership at this point.

I figured that I needed to write an “ice breaker” blog before I start blogging more. I do have more to write and more to say. So I will use this blog as my uncomfortable attempt at pretending I’ve been blogging all along.

The Recap


In my last blog, I teased my massive readership about our move to the historical Natty Boh Tower in Canton. Two years into it, I have to say, every day I love driving to the office and seeing/working with my team. We are a lot bigger than when we moved in back in the summer of 2015. We’ve added 10 more engineers to the office, with plans to add another 4 full-time engineers and 3 summer interns in a matter of weeks. As I mentioned before, the fine folks at Hyperspace outfitted the entire office with Steelcase and Turnstone. I will have to post some pictures in an upcoming blog.

When I started, we only had a handful of customers. I could namely them all and tell you the main point of contacts by their first name. For exactly two years, I wasn’t only the VP of Engineering, but I also served as our primary Tier-1 engineer. Now we have an entire team of support engineers and I’m still learning our newest customers as they on-board.

Initially when I started, we had (1) agent that was GA, our Java agent. We had a second agent that was technically in beta, our .Net agent. We were about to begin our third agent, NodeJS. We had practically no integrations or Open Source contributions.


Today, we are putting the finishing touches on our 4th language, Ruby and underway with our next language, which I will keep under wraps until we get closer to beta. We’ve got two modes to our language portfolio: Assess and Protect.

Probably our biggest news since I last wrote, outside of our growth (customers, people and product) would be the investment we received last year from our Series-B. When we took in our Series-A, we were really heads down and quite frankly all working 18-hour days and most weekends. I still work 18-hour days from time to time, but now it’s more a modest 14-hour day 🙂


Our Series-B lead investor is General Catalyst and we are fortunate to have Dr. Steve Herrod on our board. Steve is the former CTO of VMWare and quite frankly the mentor that I needed to challenge and motivate me.

What’s Exciting About the Now

The fun part of my job is that I don’t have to spend hours and hours pushing paper. My last 3 years at Blackboard felt like I worked perpetually in HR and Finance. What I loved about my first 8 years at Blackboard was how hands on I was with our technology. At Contrast, I love that I’m so involved in our development and deployments. It’s tough to juggle being an executive, while at the same time influencing our technology, but it’s worth the late nights and weekends.

We’ve got many parallel projects happening right now, but there are probably a couple of projects that really get my psyched at night to continue working. I’ll give the quick highlights of each project and why I’m enjoying them below.

Serverless (AWS Lambda)

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 10.02.42 AM

I’ve been an eager beaver to work with Lamba for over a year now. I didn’t go to reInvent when it was announced a while back, but I certainly did my research after the announcement. As an application guy who is a firm believer in distributed program and agent-based pipeline architectures, the notion of serverless computing seemed mind-blowing.

My colleague, David Hafley, who joined me at Contrast after Blackboard, were both looking for a project or two to get started. We challenged our team to consider leveraging Lambda and forking a GoLang project called Goad to build an elastic benchmark kit for Contrast. Our plan is to release the kit to our customers and speak at a series of summer meet-ups to share the experience. This was only (1) Lambda project. We have a few about to kick-off.

What I love about this project is that we just don’t know how Serverless will land over the next couple of years. If it truly takes off, we have the opportunity to be a part of a crazy ride. The unknown is kind of fun, not only because it’s different, but because it’s unchartered.

Building a Language Agent…Fast…Really Fast

I had the option to hire this one particular engineer either as our Full Stack lead or to go build our Ruby agent with another team member. He and I came to the conclusion that building a Ruby agent would be more fun and beneficial to the company. We’ve built up the agent very rapidly. We’ve had a lot of learning with our first three agents to leverage, as well as a fair amount of shared code (you would be surprised). While we haven’t GA’d the agent yet, we do have the agent running in a few customers’ environment. They are having great success with the agent.

What’s cool is this is really the first agent that I was able to influence how we assembled the team and approached our development. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone in engineering and helping our marketing and sales teams prepare to bring this baby to market.




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