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Old Blog Series: More Ways to Look at Numbers

This is one of my old blogs that I’m moving over to wordpress from April 01, 2007:

Eureka…Eureka said Archimedes when discovering the principle of buoyancy. Well, I’ve had a similar moment myself. A few weeks back, I blogged about different ways to look at problems back in February. As part of that blog, I added the RSS feed for infostetics.com. This past month infostetics.com posted a very interesting blog about an acquisition Google made. Two very interesting sites were showcased in the Blog: swivel and Many Eyes. Coincidently, Many Eyes is an IBM Alpha Works sites. It’s pretty cool. They site allows you to upload up to 5mb of your own data and create your own visualization sets.

swivel looks to be the more advanced of the two sites and one that closely integrates with Google. My early thoughts are that we could create some interesting Apdex visuals, as well as PAR visuals from swivel by integrating our data points with Google Spreadsheets.

Take a look…you will definitely enjoy!