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BbWorld 2010 Presentations

Wow…I’m the biggest blogging slacker on the face of the earth. I do apologize to my 5 loyal readers 😉 for not posting more over the past few months. I do have a ton to write…just need to convert my posts from my internal Bb blog over to this one. I wanted to post links to my presentations from BbWorld 2010 in Orlando. It was a great conference. I can’t wait until next year. I’m hoping to have an entire performance track next year in Las Vegas with every intention to cover Load Testing, Code Profiling, Designing for Performance, Query Analysis, System Optimization, Product Optimization, etc..If anyone has any thoughts on presentations they would like me, my team or even yourself to present, through them my way!

DevCon Presentation: Deploying a Highly Available Blackboard Solution

Day 1 Session: Best Practices for Optimizing Your Blackboard Learn Environment

Day 2 Session: Scaling Blackboard Technology for Large Scale Distance Learning and Online Communities

BbWorld09 In the Books

I just took a nice little 3 hour nap. Boy did that feel good after a long, but very enjoyable week with colleagues. I gave my last session this morning to a small intimate group of fellow Performance Tribe members. I really enjoyed the last session the most of all. It just seemed like everyone came together to work with each other on their performance and scalability issues. I also got to meet some great folks from the ANGEL community from Penn State.

I’ve attached the slides from the session. Hope everyone enjoys…

See you next year at BbWorld next year in Orlando.

Happy Reading!