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Quest Software Webinar on SQL Server Under the Hood

Every now and then a webinar invitation comes my way. I typically glance at the invite and either forward it on to the team or throw it away. A few weeks back I received an enticing invitation from Quest to figuratively Go Under the Hood of SQL Server 2008. I thought it was going to be a discussion of SQL Server 2008. It turns out it was just another marketing presentation showing off Spotlight for SQL Server.

The session was pretty well attended. There were probably 200 other callers. A DBA from My Space was the primary presenter. I totally forgot that myspace.com was one of the world’s largest Windows environments. The SQL 2008 learning series I took a few months back actually mentioned that so it wasn’t news to me. There were a couple of key things I got from the session.

* We have now had this license in place for a year and we are not taking advantage of this tool.
* Spotlight has the ability to recall information from historical events within the database.

The fact that we haven’t been using the Spotlight tools is really troubling me. It will be on the team’s 2008 objectives ASAP. In fact, I think I’m going to spend some time coaching our team on how to use the tool as well to help augment their DBA skills. In regards to collecting historical information, this can be pretty enticing. With the EDB model of test at night, analyze during the day, we need to find a way to be able to look into the system after a night of testing. The question that we will need to figure out is whether the data comes from the Spotlight repository or direct from dynamic views within SQL Server. If it goes in Spotlight, then no worries as we can benchmark and restore as much as we want. If it’s in the SQL Server views, then we will need the team to not restore at the end of the night. That would leave us with only one test to review.

There were a few links worth looking at:

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