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Hotsos Symposium 2008 Day Three

Today was my final day at the conference. Well, actually not the day of this posting, but March 5th. Since I was traveling last night I was not able to get a posting into my blog. I had a great time at the conference. It was quite possibly the best conference that I’ve ever attended or participated in. The Hotsos Community is simply the best. I’m going to do a quick recap of day 3 below. I will only cover the sessions that I attended.

Measure Once…Cut Twice
Cary Millsap gave a really interesting presentation on Software Development practices based on an analogy of carpentry. Apparently Cary is an accomplished furniture builder. He sees a lot of parallels in building furniture as building software. What’s interesting is that analogy is usually the opposite “Measure Twice…Cut Once”. The idea behind this phrase it’s better to be cautious upfront in order to reduce risk later on. As Cary discusses in his paper, things change over time and all of that upfront planning doesn’t necessarily save you anything in the end. You might find that all of that upfront planning ends up hurting you in in the end.

For any of our agile programmers…this was a great read…

Better Visualization Tools
When Neil Gunther walks into a room, more often then not he’s the smartest person in the room. The problem with Neil Gunther is that he knows he is smarter then everyone else and wants you to know he’s smarter then you. The premise of this presentation was about better visualization of performance data. All of his examples can be seen here. In his presentation, he did call out Apdex, which I am a participating member of. He apparently gave a presentation at the CMG Group last year on Apdex and visualization. Gunther is clearly more accomplished then me. So who am I in the scheme of things? A possible buyer of his books…well never again will I buy any of his books.

Singing SQL: Natural Data Clustering
Dan Tow presented my absolute favorite presentation on SQL Performance. This guy is the author of SQL Tuning from O’Rielly. He spent a fair amount of time talking about why Oracle prefers Nested Loops over Hash Joins and why it can be really important to identify when it’s appropriate to use a Hash versus a Nested Loop. Take a look at the article Dan presented.

One thing about Dan…we need to bring this guy here for a seminar. I did touch base with him and he seemed quite interested.

Average Active Sessions
The last presentation I went to was by Kyle Hailey. I really enjoyed hearing from Kyle. He’s pretty straightforward and just makes a lot of sense. His presentation was on the Active Session History metric available in Oracle. He’s written a number of tools that can help pull the metric around Active Session History out of Oracle. Feel free to look at his presentation on wait events as well.