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Old Blog Series: Very Interesting Search Engine and Web 2.0 Site

Originally Posted March 13, 2007 on my internal blog:

While doing some research this weekend for my graduate school term paper, I came across an interesting site called Quintura. In my quest to find better visualization on the web, here’s a site that is all about visualization. Searches are presented as tag clouds on the left and search results on the right. As you hover over a piece of metadata from the cloud, the results on the right change.

5 Problems with Today’s Search (From Quintura Site)

1. Too many search results and too many irrelevant search results. After spending time on the first few pages of the search results, you don’t have time or patience to go beyond those pages.
2. No ability to manage the results by defining context or meaning. It is not easy to build an advanced search query. Lack of hints for search.
3. No user-friendly visual management with mouse click.
4. Documents are ranked by a search engine according to an algorithm. specific to a search engine, and not specific to your interests.
5. Over-ranked commercial and under-ranked non-commercial search results.